Three reasons to use yoga props

Three reasons to use yoga props

Do you have some yoga poses you find naturally easy, but you find others more challenging? You’re not alone! Both newcomers and seasoned yogis experience the same thing. The good news is that there are a range of yoga props and accessories available. These will help to make yoga as accessible as possible and enhance your experience. In this article, we look at three reasons to use yoga props. Read on to find out more!

Bringing the floor closer to you

Yoga bricks are oblong shaped props (shaped like a brick!) that are used to help with balance.  Use a yoga brick to bring the floor closer to you whenever you feel it is too far away to reach.  Bricks are a great way to explore poses in a different way, with a little bit of extra support. For example, place your hand on a brick during triangle pose or use a brick for extra support in standing splits. Bricks have sides of three different lengths, so you can vary the height based on how you place them. This alone makes yoga bricks a really versatile yoga prop.

Using a yoga brick

Lengthening your arms and legs

Straps are long lengths of material that often have a buckle, which allow the strap to be formed into a loop. A strap’s main benefit is that it will lengthen your limbs. Use them to benefit from deeper stretches where you would normally take hold of your feet with your hands. Use everyday items such as a belt or towel if you don’t have a purpose made yoga strap.

Providing extra comfort

Bolsters are big sausage shaped cushions. Use bolsters in restorative yoga practices to provide an extra level of support and comfort. Lie on one to get a nice stretch across the front of your body. Place a bolster under your knees to provide a release for the lower back, or use it to wrap your arms and legs around to feel comforted. While the size and shape of a purposefully designed bolster make it very versatile, cushions and blankets can also be used as a handy alternative.

Using a yoga bolster cushion

With experience, you can get creative with the items you use as props to support your yoga practice. What do you think about these three reasons to use yoga props? What are some of the best everyday items you’ve found that work as great props? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Issy joslin says:

    Great explanations, I always wonder whether the props are really helping me, when I’m faffing about with them in a class, but this explains it much clearer.

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